31.5'' Round Fitted Table Covers - White

31.5'' Round Fitted Table Covers - White

  • Round Fitted table covers measuring 31.5" in white color.
  • Made with durable, wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric.
  • High-quality, 170 GSM stretchable material.
  • Easy to hand or machine wash.
  • Safe to iron and quick drying.

White Round Fitted Table Covers Offering High Protection and A Perfect Fit

A table devoid of a table cover looks bare, un-aesthetic, and unrefined. Table covers have an enormous potential to elevate the look and feel of a table setting. With the ability to transform your basic wood-top tables into stylish platforms in no time, they add a touch of color and elegance to your tablespace.

Apart from being a primary aspect of the decor, these have an important functional aspect too. Their chief purpose is to serve as a barrier and provide protection against any scratches and damage. These table covers offer full coverage and protection by not only covering the tabletop but also each of the sides. Our fitted table covers are fashioned to fit snugly, leaving no room for wrinkles.

The table covers use polyester fabric which offers excellent resilience, allowing the covers to resist wear and tear. Our table covers are easy to use and require little to no time and effort to set up.

Highly- Durable and Easy-to-Use Round Fitted Table Covers

Our table covers are made of good quality polyester fabric, guarantee added protection against damage caused by accidental spills and stains. The highly durable material can withstand regular washes without wearing out or the color fading.

Following proper washing and care instructions will ensure they remain in good condition for years. The polyester material used in our round fitted table covers offers it durability and longevity. 

High-Quality 170 GSM Round Fitted Table Covers with Bulk Purchase Discount

Made of 170 GSM high-quality polyester material, the table covers are wrinkle, mildew, and stain-resistant. The 170 GSM fabric ensure the finest quality. They are sure to add a healthy dose of luxury and ambiance. We also offer additional discounts on bulk purchases.