31.5'' Round Table Throws - Black

31.5'' Round Table Throws - Black

  • Designed from high-quality, industrial-grade polyester fabric.
  • Seamless design with hemming at the edges.
  • Easy to handle, set up, and maintain.
  • Clean lines at the top and billowing ruffles around the skirt.
  • Special bulk order discount for added savings.

Grant Your Tables a Premium Look, Touch, and Feel With Black Round Table Throws

This tale is as old as time - black is the color of elegance, class, and style. So if that is the central color palette for your event, then consider amping up the venue with our black round table throws to complete the look.

You can use these elegant table covers with their rich, inky-black shade for setting up tables at sophisticated events, private dinners, and occasions of all shapes and sizes.

This color and design versatility amplifies when one considers the fact that these round tablecloths measure 31.5” and can drape over round tables of various sizes. And even though the coverage length may change accordingly, the drape will continue to give the same aesthetic appearance.

These polyester-based throws give the same look and feel as popular materials like cotton or satin, but without the worry of damage, ripping, pilling, tearing, and more.

Round Tablecloths That Require Low-Effort Maintenance

It is quite easy to maintain these round tablecloths as they are extremely low-maintenance and require little to no effort. These are naturally stain-resistant and also washable. So you can clean them up using regular water and mild detergent and wash them by hand or in a machine. Even after repeated washing, the colorfastness of the material will not let the dye fade or bleed.

Since the material is also resistant to creasing, these table covers can be easily dried against flat surfaces to get a wrinkle-free look. And since the products weigh as little as 170 GSM, they are extremely lightweight and portable, which seals the deal in their favor.

Explore a Vast Library of Custom Table Throws and Covers for All Your Needs

We aim to be your one-stop destination for all things fitted table covers and throws. And this product is only but a preview of everything we are capable of offering. We host a vast and extensive library of products in this category to meet your color, size, design, and style specifications.

You can check out the complete line and choose from red, blue, black, or white; circular or rectangular; fitted or open cover designs - all depending on your event requirements. And if that is not enough, you can always contact our design experts to know how they can personalize your vision and translate it to reality.