31.5'' Round Table Throws - Blue

31.5'' Round Table Throws - Blue

  • Tailored from a single, uncut piece of polyester fabric.
  • Hemming at the edges is available to prevent fraying.
  • Stain-resistant material that can be easily washed.
  • Blue round table throws with a diameter of about 31.5”.

Custom Blue Round Table Throws for Color Vibrancy and Visual Flow

Blue is a regal color that builds an environment of calmness. Hence, it should come as no surprise that blue round table throws are often seen at business meetings, events, tradeshows, and conclaves.

The polyester fabric seamlessly flows over the tabletops and down the sides with a water-like rippling effect. Typically, the coverage of the table skirt extends all the way to the floor and hides the unsightly table legs underneath.

Plus, given that it is a lightweight material that weights 170 GSM, it imparts a breezy liveliness every time a stray draft catches the skirt. This aesthetic, along with the textural delight offered by ruffles bring together a bewitching charm.

You can choose to customize the color of the product and choose alternatives in black, white, and red if they suit your decor. Do take advantage of the bulk order discount facility to save up considerably.

Round Tablecloths For Indoor and Outdoor Usage

These round tablecloths can be comfortably used in indoor and outdoor settings regardless of the weather conditions outside. For a start, the fabric is “everyday waterproof,” which means that it can mostly repel water unless it is submerged in it. As a result, these table covers will keep your tables dry, even if you experience unexpected showers.

Plus, it is also flame-retardant and resistant to fading, which means that it can withstand harsh, sunny days just as well as it can deal with rains. If anything, the blue round table throws will appear even more striking in natural sunlight.

Table Throws That Are Designed to Last

The durability offered by polyester makes the table throws extremely resilient and long-lasting. In fact, given that it does not decompose so when they are adequately cared for, these round tablecloths can last you for a long duration. Plus, being a colorfast fabric, it will not lose its colors for several years even if it is subject to extreme and repeat usage. As a result, these table covers will not only last but will continue to perform as they did on day one, which, if you ask us, is peak value for money.