31.5" Round Table Toppers - Red

31.5" Round Table Toppers - Red

  • Each round table topper measures 31.5".
  • Full color, high resolution 1440 DPI, Dye-sublimation Printing.
  • Made of stretch fabric, with 70/30% stretchability.
  • 180 GSM High-quality fabric in alluring red color.

Red Round Table Toppers Offering High Protection Against Damage

The right table topper can transform an ordinary, bare table surface into an elegant platform. It lends character and charm to your table setting, uplifting the ambiance of your table space by adding a touch of refinement and color. With the ability to render a refreshing new look to your bare tabletops, these form an essential aspect of home decor. With the right table topper, you can accentuate your tabletops and booths and elevate the vibe of your table space in no time.

Apart from enhancing the beauty of your table space, their function is also to shield the table surface against damages caused by scratches and stains. With our table topper covering your table surface, you don't need to fret about accidental food spills and stains. These not only safeguard your upholstery against any potential damages but also neatly cover up any existing flaws. Our table toppers add to the longevity of your tables, ensuring they last long without any wear.

The high-quality stretch fabric used in our table toppers ensures excellent durability. The abrasion, stain, wrinkle resistance of the fabric enables it to retain its quality and resist wear and tear, adding to its longevity.

Highly Durable 180 GSM Round Table Toppers

Our table toppers made of 180 GSM high-quality stretch fabric are highly durable. Highly resilient, the stretch fabric possesses anti-wrinkling, anti-shrinking, anti-stain properties that contribute to its long life. 

Our round table toppers can handle both hand and machine washing and are easy to clean and care for.

Visually Appealing, Dye-Sublimation Printed Round Table Toppers 

1440 DPI full-color Dye-sublimation printing used in our table toppers lends them vivid and vibrant hues that are visually pleasing and fade resistant. The high-resolution Dye-Sublimation printing used in our table covers lends vibrancy that remains intact even after being washed regularly. The fabric bestows a sense of class and luxury to the overall surroundings.