4' Cross Over Table Covers - Black & White

4' Cross Over Table Covers - Black & White

  • Cross-over table covers in high-contrast black and white combo.
  • Two separate throws that allow customization based on interchangeability.
  • Compatible with rectangular tables measuring 4’ x 2.5’.
  • Tailored from high-stretch fabric that offers 70:30 stretchability.

Traditional 4’ Black & White Crossover Table Covers for Conservative Décor

Black and white are the classic colors that are used to decorate any venue. Whether you think of high-impact tradeshows or glamorous media events, you will notice that these are the go-to colors in all of them. As a result, our 4' Black & White Crossover Table Covers are a staple at such events to add a touch of elegance to the celebrations.

These table covers are designed for covering rectangular tables that measure 4’ x 2.5’. However, we also offer size customization options and you can choose between 6’ and 8’ variants as well.

It offers full coverage that extends to the entirety of the table legs while the rubber inserts are sewn into the bottom to protect the material from wear and tear while you shift the table.

The complete bundle of advantages is wrapped up in a lightweight product that weighs a mere 180 GSM. As such, it is easy to transport.

Customize Your Black & White Table Covers to Suit the Event Requirements

These black & white table covers contain two individual throws that are fitted at the opposite ends of the table to create the “cross-over” look. Depending on which color throw is on the top, the table will acquire a prominent white or black shade. As such, you can switch the order of the throws to suit the palette of the event.

Apart from the color scheme and its customization capabilities, the professional-looking fit that it offers to the table is another pull enjoyed by our table covers. They are tailored from high-stretch materials that snugly fit tables to flatter their size and shape.

Table Covers That Suit Indoor and Outdoor Use

These table covers are manufactured using premium stretch fabric that boasts a wide range of benefits, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For starters, this material is waterproof and weather-resistant. Hence, external elements such as rain or harsh sunlight do not hamper the performance and appearance of the table covers. The fabric is also flame retardant, so you no longer have to worry about stray sparks (think barbeque, bonfire, or fireworks), boring holes, or leaving unsightly charring spots on the table cover.

We've even got you covered if you require multiple pieces with our bulk order discount offer that allows you to save up while having a ton of options to choose from.