4' Cross Over Table Covers - Blue & Red

4' Cross Over Table Covers - Blue & Red

  • Tailored from high-quality stretch fabric with 70:30 stretchability.
  • Suitable for rectangular tables measuring 4’ x 2.5’.
  • Two separate table cover throws in blue and red.
  • Table covers that can be washed by hand or regular machine wash.

4' Blue & Red Crossover Table Covers for Matching With Warm and Cool Décor

Transform the appearance of your table with 4' Blue & Red Crossover Table Covers that offers a splash of colors to your event. The use of red and blue is bound to capture attention wherever you may set it up.

The dual-tone color scheme is complemented with the layered texture granted by the individual two-piece, two-way throws that overlap to add to the table cover’s visual appeal.

The fabric washable fabric that you can clean effortlessly by hand or in a washing machine means that you no longer have to stress or worry about staining your table covers.

Weighing just 180 GSM, the table cover is extremely lightweight, which makes it highly portable.

Blue & Red Table Covers for Vivid Clarity and Elegant Fitting

Hot and cold, yin and yang - these combinations are a testament to the fact that opposites do attract. And our 4' Blue & Red Crossover Table Covers are here to prove this. The use of contrasting colors of hot red and cold blue offers an eye-pleasing effect. Plus, the 1440 DPI dye-sublimation printing makes the color vibrant and vivid.

These aesthetics are complemented by the snug fit offered by the material as it wraps around the table. The 70/30% stretchability of the fabric allows the table covers to take shape of the table and offer a smart fit and finish.

Custom Table Covers For Your Changing Needs

The table cover offers customization opportunities in more ways than one. For instance, while this specific product covers tables measuring 4 feet x 2.5 feet, we also have variants in 6’ and 8’. At the same time, color customization allows you to mix and match with colors like red-black, white-black, red-blue, and more. Choose from our complete library of different table cover designs that offer personalization in size, color, and appearance so that you can achieve the look that you desire. Our table covers have got you covered.