4' Cross Over Table Covers - Red & Black

4' Cross Over Table Covers - Red & Black

  • Dual-tone cross-over table covers in red and black.
  • Designed to fit rectangular tables that measure 4’ x 2.5’.
  • Lightweight fabric weighing 180 GSM for extra portability.
  • Wash-friendly fabric with easy-to-wash options.

Get Value For Money With Our Custom 4' Red & Black Crossover Table Covers

Transform the decor of your business or private event with our 4' Red & Black Crossover Table Covers. These offer a sleek and aesthetic appearance to your tables, even if they are rented, to classy up the venue.

The product contains two individual throws, one red and one black, which stretch to fit over the opposite ends of a 4-feet table. You can switch the order of the throws to get to distinct looks without having to pay any extra charge for it.

Aside from the color, the slanted cuts of the throws and the overlapping layers of the pieces add a textural layer to the cover, which makes it look even more attractive to the eye than your regular table covers.

The table covers offer full coverage and hide the unsightly legs of the table and make everything look like a single, cohesive unit.

Interchangeable Red & Black Table Covers For Any Event, Anywhere

As the name indicates, the Red & Black table covers use a blend of red and black - shades that harmonize with most color schemes of events and celebrations. Plus, you can decide on the order of the throws so that one shade dominates the color. Slip the black one on top to get table covers in black and vice versa for red.

Additionally, the fabric enjoys two-way stretch, which offers a flattering fit to the table and preps it in an instant. The taut fit offers a professional finishing to the tables and gets them ready for anything - from trade shows to weddings. And don't worry. Our bulk order discount option has you covered for all your varied needs.

Premium Washable Table Covers for Easy Maintenance

The stretch fabric can be washed by hand or regular machine wash and neither of the two affects the stretchability of the material. Simply use a mild detergent and maintain regular temperature to get spotlessly clean table covers in no time. Since the fabric does not retain moisture, it is also quick to dry in different weather conditions. And if you were to line dry or dry it on a flat surface, the table cover will not experience any winkling either, which is another advantage that makes them easier to handle and maintain.