4' Cross Over Table Covers - Red & White

4' Cross Over Table Covers - Red & White

  • Dual-tone cross-over table covers in red and white.
  • Made from high-quality polyester fabric.
  • Suitable for rectangular tables measuring 4 feet.
  • Washable and wrinkle-free table covers.

Custom 4' Red & White Crossover Table Covers to Pump Up the Style of Your Furniture

If you wish to dress up your table in colors of red and white, pick our 4' Red & White Crossover Table Covers to achieve a visually pleasing effect. The layered appearance of the table cover slants adds texture and aesthetics to the overall look.

The cross-over table cover fits rectangular tables that measure 4 feet by 2.5 feet. However, we also offer size customization for 6’ and 8’ tables.

Additionally, we also allow color customization for combinations like black and white, red and black, blue and white, and more. The throws are separate, so you can even mix and match if you have multiple products.

Since they are made from polyester material, the fabric imparts a professional-looking sheen as it gracefully covers the table for a snug fit.

Highly Durable Red & White Table Covers That Require Minimum Maintenance

The use of high-grade polyester also imparts durability to the extent where the table covers require little to no maintenance. For starters, polyester can withstand stresses, strain, and tension to a high degree. As such, you no longer have to worry about the covers tearing or ripping, especially at the seams.

Furthermore, it is a stain-resistant material that can be washed either by hand or in the machine. Either way, you will be getting spotless results with minimum effort. And while polyester is less likely to form wrinkles, the fabric is iron-safe, which means that you can iron out the creases and get crisp table covers that are as good as new.

Table Covers That Offer Two Distinct Looks in One

With the red and white table covers, you have the option to pick a look that suits the decor and the color scheme. Since the product contains two individual slanted throws, you can make the table covers predominantly white or prominently red by changing the positioning of the layers. Place the red throw on top for it to gain the upper hand or make the white the central color by masking the red throw under the white one. In essence, you can have two different looks with the same item - talk about value for money.

We also offer bulk purchase discounts to further sweeten the deal.