4' Fitted Table Covers - Black - 4 Sided

4' Fitted Table Covers - Black - 4 Sided

  • Manufactured from premium quality polyester material having a 300 thread count.
  • Tailored to fit a standard rectangular folding table measuring 4 feet.
  • Machine or hand washable table covers that are also iron-safe.
  • Strong and reliable construction with industrial-grade double stitching.

Make Your Mark With Custom 4 Feet Black Fitted Table Covers

Black is a color that stands out while also accentuating other colors surrounding it. So it would be a great mistake to not use the 4 Feet Black Fitted Table Covers for decorating your tables and make them event-ready.

These fitted table covers are made from polyester fabric, which allows enough amount of stretchability so that they can snugly dress the table and make them look attractive. The taut stretching of the material also eliminates any wrinkles, creases, or ruffles that are otherwise unsightly.

The floor-length coverage of the table skirts on all four sides grants a perfect cuboid shape to the setup and masks any items kept under the table while also disguising the table legs.

And while this product is compatible with rectangular tables that are 4-feet long, you can pick from other standard custom sizes, such as 6’ and 8’.

Fitted Table Covers That Are Designed To Last You A Lifetime

The use of polyester in our fitted table covers gives more than sharp lines and a clean look, it offers long-lasting durability, which makes it a value for money product. Polyester is one of the strongest fabrics commercially available. It can stand rough and tough usage and stretchability without experiencing any major damage.

The fabric is waterproof, flame retardant material that is also resistant to the environmental agents that can cause weathering. Hence, even if you were to use these table covers outdoors then it would still not lose any of its inherent properties and strength. In a nutshell, with our products, you are investing in the long term. The bulk order discount option is an added incentive that we've included, so you can have more for less.

Enjoy Versatility With Our Wide Range of Table Covers

Black is one of the most versatile colors. From game shows to black tie events, from chic weddings to business conclaves, black table covers can blend in with the background and offer a gorgeous look. However, if you are still on the fence about the color, we also offer solid shades of red, blue, and white that can match up with varying palettes. Plus, you can explore the different sizes and designs that are available in our complete line of premium table covers. Choose fitted or pleated or open-sided - everything is quite literally on the table.