4' Fitted Table Covers - Black - Zipper Back

4' Fitted Table Covers - Black - Zipper Back

  • Full-length coverage on four sides (convertible to three).
  • Tailored from industrial-grade woven polyester.
  • Designed to fit rectangular tables that are 4-feet long.
  • Lightweight build with a weight of 170 GSM.

Transform The 4' Black Fitted Table Covers with Black Zipper With a Tug at the Zip

If you wish to transform the appearance of a folding table, then the 4' Black Fitted Table Covers with Black Zipper is your best bet at achieving it. The design conversion allows you to switch from three-sided coverage to four sides and vice versa.

Additionally, the top-to-floor coverage secures the sides from public view, thereby allowing you room to store items under the table. This secret compartment is another USP of this product.

The polyester fabric used in the tailoring adds durability to the table covers, pair it with the fact that they are double stitched, which strengthens them to the extent that you can continue using them for years to come.

And all these benefits come in a lightweight form with 170 GSM weight for easy handling and ease of portability.

Fitted Table Covers That You Can Use Time After Time

The fitted table covers are washable, either by hand or by machine. And that does not interfere with the fabric’s intrinsic properties like colorfastness, stretchability, etc. Of course, you need to practice some washing care, which is essentially using a mild detergent and regular temperature water.

Since polyester lacks moisture-wicking capabilities, it also does not hold water for long and dries out completely in almost no time. And when you put it to dry on a flat surface or on a drip line, it will dry without a single wrinkle - which again, you can remove with a hot iron.

Table Covers That Combine Design, Functionality, and Convenience - All in One

As evident by the product name, the table cover features a zipper closure, which is located at the back. This single accessory serves two distinct purposes - one, to convert design styles from one to another and the other to maintain discretion. For the former, zipping and unzipping allow you to convert the 4-sided table cover to the 3-sided, open-back counterpart. Both the table covers have their unique advantages, and you can get them both in the same product. The zipper offers access to the area and its uniform color blends it with the rest of the product.