4' Fitted Table Covers - Blue - 4 Sided

4' Fitted Table Covers - Blue - 4 Sided

  • Tailored from high-quality, 100% polyester fabric.
  • Compatible with rectangular tables measuring 4’ x 2.5’.
  • Full-length, top-to-floor coverage on all four sides.
  • Snug fitting with sharp and clear lines at corners and edges.

Float in Regal Aristocracy with Custom 4 Feet Blue Fitted Table Covers

Dressing up a table for an event is both an art and science. You need to balance out the color schemes and templates with the emotions that it is capable of inducing. Our 4 Feet Blue Fitted Table Covers will create an environment that hits all the right notes.

These covers drape around rectangular tables that measure 4 feet by 2.5 feet and create a defined box shape with sharp lines along all the edges and corners.

The “fitted” look of the table cover is delivered with the use of high-grade polyester that slips on the table for a tight and snug fit. The result is an amazing transformation of folding tables into professional pieces of furniture.

Polyester also makes the table cover lightweight, with a weight of 170 GSM. This characteristic contributes to the easy handling and portability of the products.

High Value Fitted Table Covers That You Purchase Once and Use Unlimited Times

When you are using any item, wear and tear are only natural with time and repeat use. However, if you were to invest in high-quality material, you will get a more appreciable return on this investment, and the same applies to our fitted table covers. These are tailored from industrial-grade polyester material that is stain-resistant, washable, and iron-safe.

As a result, once an event is over, you can throw them in your washing machine and run it on a regular cycle. Alternatively, you can wash them by hand. Once they are dry, you can iron out the wrinkles and get them in a shape that is as good as new. The colorfastness and the resilience of the material will retain the property of the fabric even with heavy use.

Table Covers That Are a Blend of Durability and Versatility

As we have already demonstrated, our table covers are built to last. Plus, the fact that they are easy to maintain without adding any strain makes it even more value for money. However, while offering such advantages, it does not trade off anything in terms of looks and usage. The dye-sublimation print grants it an aesthetically pleasing appearance, allowing you to use these fitted table covers at trade shows, private events, intimate parties, large galas, and more. Wherever you set them up, they are only going to glam up the venue even further while proving to be a truly versatile and adaptable product.