4' Fitted Table Covers - Red - 4 Sided

4' Fitted Table Covers - Red - 4 Sided

  • Striking red appearance acquired from dye-sublimation printing.
  • Made from washable and wrinkle-free polyester fabric.
  • Lightweight table covers that weigh only 170 GSM.
  • 4-sided full-length coverage for a boxed shape.

If You Want to Get Noticed, Try Our Custom 4 Feet Red Fitted Table Covers

The vibrancy of the color red demands attention wherever it goes. As such, it is one of the best shades if you want to stand out from the crowd. And what could be a better way to achieve this than our 4 Feet Red Fitted Table Covers? It is the shortcut to the spotlight.

Our table covers undergo dye-sublimation printing, which is a a form of digital printing that transfers the dye to the fabric through heat. As a result, they maintain absolute vibrancy and color fastness, which makes the red even more effective.

The snug fit offered by the polyester material adds to the aesthetics delivered by the product. The fabric drapes in a taut fashion around the tables and gives them a smart boxed shape with sharp and clean lines.

Additionally, the use of polyester also makes the product lightweight to the effect of 170 GSM. As a result, these are lightweight and easy to carry even if you are hopping from one venue to another. What's more, if you want to save up on some cash, do remember to cash in on the bulk order discount facility.

Derive Maximum Value for Money With Fitted Table Covers That Are Made to Last

When it comes to a visually pleasing appearance, polyester is at par with cotton. In fact, it takes it up a few notches and adds a premium touch and feel to it as well. But what truly stands out with the use of polyester is that the fabric can take quite a beating without any tearing, ripping, or pilling. This quality imparts long-term durability.

And if the strength of the material is not enough on its own, the fitted table covers are double stitched with industry-grade overlock stitching, making the seams and the hems virtually indestructible. So in addition to the material not showing any signs of wear and tear, the same would be seen in the corners and edges as well.

Table Covers That Are Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Usage

As we have already stated, our table covers are built to last, and this characteristic is a culmination of several features and considerations that contribute to the overall strength and durability of the product. Against this background, one aspect that is worth mentioning is that polyester is every day waterproof and resistant to the external weather elements. So if you were to set up these fitted table covers outdoors, in the sun or the rain, they will continue to pull of the same level of look as they would if you were to set them up indoors. So you have the flexibility to use them indoors or outdoors at will.