4' Fitted Table Covers - Red - Zipper Back

4' Fitted Table Covers - Red - Zipper Back

  • Full-length coverage on all four sides.
  • Convertible to open-back style by opening the zipper.
  • Tailored from premium quality polyester fabric.
  • Accessible storage compartment under the table.

Never Miss an Eye With 4' Red Fitted Table Covers with Red Zipper

If you are looking for a blend of style, looks, and convenience, then our 4' Red Fitted Table Covers with Red Zipper checks all the boxes. It is one of the simplest ways to transform your tables into something that truly stands out and attracts attention.

The vividness of the red color stems from the dye-sublimation printing, which heat transfers the dye on polyester. As a result, it retains its striking color and manages to capture and maintain attention.

With polyester as the base fabric of the material, you can expect a snug fit with a taut tabletop and sides. This makes the table appear elegant and professional with its sharp lines at the edges and corners.

And while the fitted table covers pack quite a punch in the looks department, it also enjoys a lightweight construction that weighs a mere 170 GSM.

Low Maintenance Fitted Table Covers That You Can Use Non-Stop

Believe it or not, but polyester is a stain-resistant material. As a result, you have very little to worry about while using these table covers that will repel dirt or stains. However, even if you are to get them dirty, the amount of effort and maintenance that is required to get it back to as good as new is almost negligible. What's more, the bulk discount is an added incentive that is sure to save you a lot in case you want multiple covers.

You can wash the product in room temperature water using mild detergent. Set it to your regular wash cycle or wash it by hand, then let it dry on a flat surface or on a drip line. In just a few hours and a good amount of sunshine, you can have your fitted table covers ready for the next event.

Custom Table Covers That Can Meet Your Design Requirements

The 4' Red Fitted Table Covers with Red Zipper is just one product from our vast and extensive line of table covers. And to make our offerings even more suitable for our clients, we offer a variety of customization offers to make the design truly yours. You can choose from standard sizes of 4’, 6’, and 8’ tables as they are the ones largely used at events. Similarly, the color customization is available in red, black, and blue, and white, which are generic colors that meet the color scheme of most decorations. We also have multiple design and style options for every occasion, so be sure to check them out.