4' Fitted Table Covers - Red

4' Fitted Table Covers - Red

  • Intended to use over 4-foot, rectangular tables.
  • Top-to-floor table skirt coverage for a professional look.
  • Designed from 100% high-quality polyester.
  • Perfect fitting with sharp lines and visual aesthetic.

Pump Some Energy in the Scene With Custom 4' Red Fitted Table Covers

Red is a high-energy color that can successfully capture the viewer’s attention. As a result, our 4' Red Fitted Table Covers can help you engage and enrapture the audience or attract more traffic towards your booth. All the while, they can also amp up the style of cheap folding tables and making them appear highly aesthetic.

In addition to the vibrant red, we also offer color customization options from blue, black, and white, all of which are standard colors that can suit almost all kinds of decor.

The use of high-grade polyester allows the table covers to acquire a perfect fitted look thanks to the snug and taut drape, especially around the table cover skirt.

And the material, being extremely lightweight, weighs only 170 GSM that makes it easy to handle and transport from one place to another.

Low Maintenance Fitted Table Covers That Are Always Ready To Go

The use of high-grade polyester allows our fitted table covers to be washed without fading. Plus, doing so requires minimum to no effort. You can wash them on a regular wash cycle in a machine or by hand while using a mild detergent in either case. 

The drying of the table covers takes minimal downtime and they can be ready for use in almost no time. By drying them on a flat surface or on a drip line, you can get a post-wash wrinkle-free look. Also, polyester is iron-safe, which means that you can a dry iron to remove any wrinkles and creases to get a fresh look.

Table Covers That Turn Heads But Also Offer Privacy

These table covers are digitally printed through a process known as dye-sublimation. It offers deep and rich shades to the table cover and makes it even more attractive. And while they will surely grab several eyeballs, the three-sided full-length coverage creates a secret compartment where you can store items away from the prying eyes. The open-back design offers access to the storage area and allows you to extract or store items under the table without everything scattering around from the sides. The bulk order discount is an added incentive that'll allow you to buy more at lesser price.