4' Fitted Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

4' Fitted Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

  • Tailored from high-quality, 300 thread polyester fabric.
  • Extremely versatile table covers that suit an array of occasions.
  • Top-to-floor length coverage on all four sides of the table.
  • Washable and iron-safe table covers for unlimited repeat use.

Decorate Your Table From the Top to the Bottom and On All Sides With 4 Feet White Fitted Table Covers

White is the go-to color for event planners and decorators. And while the pristine look of an all-white decor is calming to the eye, ensuring it to the T can be a hassle, especially when you are dealing with rented folding chairs that no longer blend with the background. Fortunately, you have the 4 Feet White Fitted Table Covers to transform the narration.

The table cover is designed to fit on rectangular tables that measure 4 feet by 2.5 feet. This shape and the snug fit grants it a perfectly boxed shape.

Using the aesthetic and visually pleasing shape of cuboids, you can maintain uniformity and symmetry across the venue, especially when you are working with dissimilar tables that are not dressed.

Since it weighs only 170 GSM, it is extremely lightweight and easy to handle, particularly when you often have to transfer the material from point A to B in the minimum amount of time.

Transformative Fitted Table Covers That Are Built to Last

The fitted table covers derive their long-lasting durability from several sources and manufacturing considerations. For starters, these table covers are made using high-grade polyester fabric with a 300 thread count. This specification means that the premium feel extends to usability as the material offers great resilience to stress and tensions.

Additionally, polyester is resistant to a host of elements that are otherwise damaging. As such, the fact that they are flame-retardant, waterproof, and weather-resistant means that the table covers will last several good and bad seasons without dulling out their performance.

Splitting the White Spectrum of Diversity With Custom Table Covers for Every Occasion

Our white, fitted table covers are diverse on their own. You can use them at weddings or tradeshows or hotel lobbies and banquets and more. Either way, they will improve the overall look of the setup and add value to it. And if white is not your first choice in decor, then you can match the color scheme by picking standard shades like red, black, and blue to suit the theme. Our table covers are also available in different styles, colors, materials, and designs so that they can satisfy every criterion that you may set aside as an essential factor for choosing the table cover of your choice.

Foe added incentive, the bulk order discount is a good option, so you can save some cash.