4' Fitted Table Covers - White - Zipper Back

4' Fitted Table Covers - White - Zipper Back

  • Wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying polyester fabric used.
  • Bulk purchase discounts are available.
  • Stain-resistant for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Durable 170 GSM fabrics used.

Easy to Clean 4 White Fitted Table Covers with White Zipper for Seamless Use

Are you thinking of the perfect table décor for the house party you have been planning lately? But the thought of drinks and food spilling over your antique wooden dining table keeps giving you the chills. Our 4 ft. white fitted table covers with white zipper are a perfect solution to meet both your requirements.

Not only do they add to the décor’s aesthetic appeal, but prevent your table from stains and scratches too. Moreover, they come with a zipper that offers greater flexibility while also lending a snug fit. You can cover your tables when in use and seamlessly remove the cover when it is not required.

While it prevents your table from eminent damage, it also uplifts the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. It is tailored to accuracy, thereby suited to fit your furniture perfectly.

Our table covers are made from superior quality polyester that is wrinkle-free. The maintenance involved is negligible because it does not require ironing. You can put it to use as and when needed.

Fitted Table Covers Made From Wrinkle-Free Polyester Fabric

The use of Polyester along with a high GSM allows the cover to hold its shape well. In addition, the zipper at the back also provides a better fitting to your table. A cover with a loose fit looks shabby, but fitted table covers can be an asset worth investing in.

Wrinkle-Free Fitted Table Covers

Our fitted table covers are made of a blend of superior quality polyester, making them wrinkle-free. This makes these table covers easy to maintain as they don't require frequent ironing. As a result, you can use them whenever you need them.