4' Open Corner Table Covers - Blue - 4 Sided

4' Open Corner Table Covers - Blue - 4 Sided

  • Elegant blue table covers for personal and commercial use.
  • Made of durable 170GSM polyester fabric.
  • Easy to maintain table covers.
  • Can be customized for 3-sided or 4-sided tables.

Durable 4' Four-Side Open Corner Blue Table Covers

Often, tables used at commercial events or when hosting guests tend to get scratched, stained, or soiled. This can be a nightmare, especially when you've spent your hard-earned money on such beautiful hardwood furniture. However, the solution to preventing such damage is simple. You can use a table cover to protect your tables. Our 4' four-side open corner blue table covers are the ideal option.

These table covers are made of a durable polyester fabric of 170GSM. This ensures that these table covers withstand all signs of wear and tear for years together.

These blue table covers are also easy to maintain. Their color ensures that stains remain invisible to a certain extent. However, if the cover does get stained, you can easily wash it by hand or in the machine.

You can also customize these table covers are get them for a 3-sided or 4-sided table based on your needs.

Easy to Maintain Blue Table Covers

These blue table covers are incredibly easy to maintain. Their color ensures that stains don't catch peoples' eyes easily. However, if they do get heavily stained, you can always toss them in the machine or wash them by hand. The polyester material ensures that it dries quickly and also negates the need for any ironing in most situations. However, you can always iron them if you want them to look perfect.

Customizable Table Covers

These table covers can also be customized to suit your furniture. For example, you can get them either as three-sided or four-sided covers. This ensures you don't have to look for a different table cover for each table.

Last but not least, if you're looking to buy large quantities of these table covers for a commercial setting, you're in luck. They come with bulk discounts on large orders, thus offering great value for your money.