4' Open Corner Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

4' Open Corner Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

  • Stylish and elegant open corner table covers.
  • Durable and stain-resistant polyester fabric.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Economical and cost-efficient with bulk discounts.

Elegant and Durable White Table Covers

Table covers are at the center of your decor planning when you are hosting an event. They are functional and also look aesthetically pleasing. However, buying separate covers for different occasions can be wasteful and expensive. When you want to impress your guests but are on a budget, white table covers are the ideal solution.

The 4' four-side open corner white table covers are elegant and can be used for any occasion. Moreover, the high-quality polyester ensures that they look rich even after multiple washes.

The polyester used is 170GSM which makes it easy to maintain. The fabric is thick and will last you a long time. Its durability also ensures it resists all signs of wear and tear.

These table covers are customizable and can be a standard solution for different tabletops. Choosing one style will make your decor look coordinated at a large event when you have tables of varying sizes.

Easy to Clean and Cost-efficient White Table Covers

White is not a color that one would associate with easy maintenance. However, the 170GSM polyester fabric used in these white table covers is easy to wash in case of spillage. Moreover, you don't have to dry clean them after every use. Washing them in your machines is enough to get rid of any stains.

As these table covers will last you a long time, they are a cost-efficient solution when you want to impress your guests. You also get discounts for bulk buying, making it further easy on your pocket.

Customizable Table Covers

These table covers can be easily customized to your desired sizes. Apart from ensuring uniformity in your decor, this will save you from the hassle of finding matching table covers for your differently sized tabletops.