4' Pleated Table Covers - Black

4' Pleated Table Covers - Black

  • 4 sleekly designed table covers in polyester fabric.
  • The pitch-black color gives it a rich look for all occasions.
  • The simple, elegant design makes it easily customizable for any occasion.
  • Can be machine or hand-washed, and ironed with ease.

Premium Fabric 4' Black Pleated Table Covers

Pleated table covers have been an event and entertaining staple since time immemorial. They are extremely versatile and can be used at weddings, parties, banquets, bridal showers, and restaurants. The simple but elegant design lends a rich and glamorous look to rectangular tables for any occasion.

These 4' black pleated table covers are made of high-quality polyester of 170GSM. This makes the fabric thick and stain-resistant. Being a synthetic material, it's less prone to staining and can be easily washed and dried.

These table covers are also easy to maintain and are highly durable. The thick fabric ensures that the covers are less prone to long-term wear and tear. This way, these covers will look fresh for years and can always be washed in a machine or by hand to clean if needed.

They can also be customized based on your needs. Whether you're hosting a residential or commercial event, you can get these table covers in a variety of sizes. As a result, you won't have to purchase different table covers for different sizes of tables.

Easy to Maintain & Durable Table Covers

These table covers are made from 170GSM polyester, which is a thick and durable material. Its synthetic nature makes it easy to wash and dry if needed. Being black in color, they're also less likely to show signs of spillage.

Further, being made from a thick material, they're also less prone to wear and tear over time. This makes them durable and thus suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

Customizable Pleated Table Covers

The best part is that you can have these table covers customized to any size you'd like. This negates the need to purchase different covers for tables of different sizes.

This can also make these covers worth their money, as you can get a bulk discount on large orders. The more table covers you buy, the higher the discount you can get. This offers you the best value for your money.