4' Pleated Table Covers - Blue

4' Pleated Table Covers - Blue

  • Durable pre-pleated table covers in blue.
  • Easy to maintain fabric table covers.
  • Affordable covers for all occasions and settings.
  • Versatile, aesthetically pleasing covers to elevate all events.

Durable 4' Blue Pleated Table Covers

Tables play a crucial role in parties and events. Whether it is a formal event where you need to showcase certain products or an informal home event, they always come in handy. Finding a way to dress up a table often involves using paper decorations or cheap table covers. If you are hosting such events regularly, then you need something a little more durable.

The 4' blue pleated table covers are durable and will last a long time since they are made of polyester. Polyester is a strong fabric that withstands all signs of wear and tear.

These are made from 170GSM fabric. It indicates that the polyester fabric is thick and, therefore, will not tear easily. This makes them durable and thus suitable for indoor and outdoor settings.

The polyester 4' blue pleated table cover is also machine-washable. The color will not fade in the wash, and the pleated table cover will continue to look as good as new for a long time.

Durable and Customizable Pleated Table Covers

These table covers are incredibly durable as they withstand all signs of wear and tear. Further, you can use them for simple needs at home or large-scale commercial events.

These pleated table covers can also be customized based on your needs. Therefore, you can use them to cover a table of any size.

Easy to Maintain Table Covers

These table covers can easily be washed by hand or in the machine at regular temperatures. Further, the polyester material largely keeps them wrinkle-free, but you can also easily iron them if you prefer. This means that these covers are easy to maintain.

Lastly, if you order them in large quantities, you can also benefit from our progressive bulk discounts, making these table covers cost-effective, too.