4' Pleated Table Covers - White

4' Pleated Table Covers - White

  • Versatile and elegant pre-pleated table covers.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Durable high-quality polyester table covers.
  • Affordable and cost-efficient with bulk buy discounts.

Elegant Versatile 4' Pleated Table Covers

Every event, irrespective of whether it is formal or informal, will need tables. Buying sophisticated tables to cater to these events is expensive and wasteful. Getting high-quality table cloths or covers is an excellent alternative. It will dress up a simple table and make it look stunning for any event.

A 4' white pleated table cover is the only table cover you will ever need to cater to a wide range of events. White is a color that can complement any theme, be it formal or informal.

The material used to make these table cover is 170GSM polyester, which is easy to maintain and wash in the event of a spillage. This also means that they're easy to maintain in the long run.

These table covers can be customized to suit your needs and differently sized tabletops. This means you can use the same table covers across your decor to ensure a sense of uniformity.

Easy to Maintain and Durable Pleated Table Covers

One of the biggest concerns about using 4' white pleated table covers is that the chances of them getting soiled are high. White is not a color that hides stains. However, these pleated table covers are made of polyester. Polyester is an easy-to-clean fabric that does not stain easily. You can machine wash them, put them in the dryer, and iron them if needed.

The pleated table covers use 170 GSM polyester fabric. A high GSM value translates to a thicker, high-quality fabric that can survive multiple washes and uses. You can think of these 4' white pleated table covers as an investment that will last you a long time.

Customizable Table Covers

The best part is that you can customize these table covers based on your needs. If you have tables of varying sizes, you don't have to worry about getting different table covers for each. You can have these 4' white pleated table covers customized to the right size.