4' Rectangle Table Toppers - Black

4' Rectangle Table Toppers - Black

  • Durable rectangle table-toppers of 180GSM.
  • Cost effective when purchased in bulk.
  • Versatile and stretchable table toppers.
  • Low maintenance table toppers in a stain-resistant black color.

Durable Black Table Toppers

Looking for furniture for events or for your store can turn out to be a daunting experience. You have to find matching tables so that you can have a uniform look. Or you could opt for table toppers that will make all the tables look the same.

Our black table toppers are made from a high-quality stretchable fabric of 180GSM. This indicates that the fabric is thick. A high-quality and thick fabric increases the durability of these table toppers.

The table toppers get their black color from dye-sublimation printing on the fabric. The printing technique is well-known for durable prints that do not fade even after multiple washes and uses.

The fabric has a high stretchability of 70/30%. It indicates that you won't be overstretching it easily, and therefore the fabric will not suffer much damage when you put it on and take it off the table. This also means that they are easy to maintain in the long run.

Versatile Rectangle Table Toppers

Black is a color that can complement every theme. It is also the most universally acceptable color for table toppers as it does not show stains easily. The stretch fabric allows you to use them for tables whose dimensions may vary from those of the rectangle table topper.

Easy to Maintain Table Toppers

Since the dye-sublimation printing is durable, you can wash these tale toppers in the machine or by hand. You can do this without the risk of them fading with time. These table toppers are a dream to maintain, and the black color turns into an added advantage since it can hide stains really well.

Lastly, if you order these in large quantities, you can also avail yourself of our progressive bulk discounts. This makes them an incredibly cost-effective option.