4' Rectangle Table Toppers - Red

4' Rectangle Table Toppers - Red

  • The table-toppers are highly customizable to fit your requirement.
  • Crafted with stretch fabric up to 70/30%.
  • The full-color material has a lasting red hue.
  • Easy and convenient to maintain with durable life.

Customized Rectangle Table Toppers for Diverse Fit

A well-furnished décor is something that every business owner desires. It creates a warm and inviting ambiance for your guests and gives you a chance to let them bask in your hospitality. We offer a wide range of custom table toppers for your furnishings so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on buying table cloths. With our red table toppers, you can also add a spark to your interiors.

Our custom rectangle table toppers can be selected based on your specific requirement for a 4' table without compromising on the fit.

These table toppers are highly stretchable so that you can spread them over the table surface without worrying about creasing. Every table topper is made using 180GSM durable fabric, which ensures long and sustainable life.

You can select the full-color table topper in red based on the specific measurement of your tables. They are meant to bring a pop of visual delight to your interior setting so that you can feel the bliss of decorating your place as often as you like.

Red Table Topper with Stretchable Fabric

Want to decorate your interiors for an upcoming event based on a red theme? This red table topper is your best pick for this purpose for a customized theme-based decoration. Once your custom 4’ table-toppers arrive, you will be ready to spread them over your furniture in the spur of a moment and get ready to host your guests.

Being prepared with unique stretch fabric, these table toppers give you the liberty to add a table skirt in the same fabric for a clean and sophisticated look. The stretchable fabric of the table topper makes it easier for you to maintain a finished look on your table at all times as it grips the edges of the table firmly.

Special Red Table Toppers

The full-color table-toppers undergo dye-sublimation printing. However, that will not restrict you from washing them as and when required. They can also be ironed to remove wrinkles so that the next time you spread them over a table, they look impeccable.