4' Rectangle Table Toppers - White

4' Rectangle Table Toppers - White

  • Customizable white table toppers to meet your needs.
  • Highly stretchable fabric up to 70/30%.
  • Full-color white table topper with rich density.
  • Easy to maintain and highly durable in the long run.

Custom Rectangle Table Toppers for Your Interiors

A neat and customized ambiance is the best way to make a lasting impression on your customer’s mind. It invites more guests to experience your hospitality and also gives them a reason to visit your place again.

We offer a range of exclusive and customized rectangle table toppers that will fit snugly around your tables. The customized 4’ measure of the table toppers makes them ideal for a table of that measure, without the need to fix any loose ends.

Since the table topper is crafted with stretchable fabric, it fits neatly around the surface of a table. So you don't need to worry about creasing and uneven fabrics spoiling the warm ambiance of your place.

Whether you are planning to use them on their own or layer them over an additional base of cloth, these white full-color table-toppers will fit the bill every time. Not only do they make it easier for you to attach a matching table skirt under them, but they can also be fitted easily on your tables without any fuss.

White Table Toppers with Stretchable Fabric

Being made to measure, these white table toppers are designed to fit your furniture without any alterations.

Once you start running your place, you will save a lot of time and effort in decorating your furniture with these table toppers. Their stretchable fabric makes them easy to use around tables of varying sizes. This prevents you from having to look around for other options for different tables.

Durable Table Toppers for Regular Use

The 180GSM fabric is also thick enough to withstand the signs of wear and tear. This makes them durable and easy to maintain when used regularly. You can easily wash these table toppers in the machine or by hand. If they're wrinkled, you can also iron them to make them look brand new.

If you purchase these table toppers in large quantities, you can also benefit from our bulk discounts. This makes them an incredibly cost-effective way to spruce up the ambiance of your business and home.