6' Convertible/Adjustable Table Covers - Red

6' Convertible/Adjustable Table Covers - Red

  • Red Convertible Table Covers made of 100% polyester.
  • Suitable for 4 feet or 6 feet portable tables.
  • Adjustable Table Covers that are machine or hand washable.
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric offers a professional appearance.

Help Your Business Stand Out With Red Convertible and Adjustable Table Covers

If you wish to capture your audience’s attention, you can never go wrong with red. And once you are set on a color theme centering around red, your ads and accessories must also reflect the same. Our Red Convertible Table Covers mix excitement and high energy into your brand and incite action.

While portable folding tables can be a lifesaver, they are an eyesore, especially when you wish to present your brand as a premium one. Luckily, you can now dress them up in our Red Table Covers to offer them a professional look and feel.

Our Convertible Table Covers are made from high-quality knit polyester that not only offers a picture-perfect finish but also is washable. So even if you do happen to get stains on the table covers, a single wash is enough to get them off and have your table covers as good as new.

Since polyester is a lightweight material, our Table Covers are highly portable. As such, you can easily carry them while traveling without worrying about space or weight issues.

High-Quality Red Convertible Table Covers With Long-Lasting Colors

Our Red Convertible Table Covers are made using high-quality polyester that offers a range of benefits. For starters, polyester is a free-flowing material that drapes beautifully on surfaces. As a result, it will project your booth as elegant as it makes your table. Additionally, as a synthetic material, it is more resistant to pilling or wear-and-tear as natural fibers like cotton may experience.

The use of high-quality polyester ensures that the colors do not bleed or fade despite rugged use and repeat washing. This colorfast nature of polyester adds to the durability of our Table Covers.

Custom Adjustable and Convertible Table Covers to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

How many times have you prepared for an event assuming that you will have to work with a 6-foot table, only to be disappointed on seeing that the venue offers 4-foot models? With our Red Convertible Table Covers by your side, the table size would hardly be an issue. These adjustable and convertible table covers come with throw features that allow you to use hook and loop attachments to comfortably transform from 6 feet to 4 feet. So you can swap between sizes with ease.

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