6' Convertible/Adjustable Table Covers - White

6' Convertible/Adjustable Table Covers - White

  • White Convertible Table Covers having dimensions 6 ft x 2.5 ft.
  • Throws are adjustable between 4 ft to 6 ft.
  • Made using high-quality polyester fabric.
  • Covers can cover just the top or all sides.

Grant Your Business a Spotless Reputation With White Convertible Table Covers

If you are going for a sleek, professional, and no-nonsense look at an event or a tradeshow, then our White Convertible Table Covers can deliver to your expectations. It sends across a message that you are impartial and open to innovation through creativity.

We understand that the greatest hesitation one may have while purchasing White Convertible Table Covers is that they can soil easily. But the fact that our White Convertible Table Covers are all washable, allowing machine or handwash, makes it all the smarter choice.

Plus, the high-quality polyester fabric used in our White Convertible Table Covers drapes beautifully without any wrinkles. As a result, it sends across a clear message that you are serious about what you do and you mean business.

Our White Convertible Table Covers promise long-lasting performance as polyester is one of the most durable fabrics available. Our use of high-quality polyester imparts longevity to the table covers even with rough and tough usage.

Embrace a Professional Look With High-Quality Polyester-Based White Convertible Table Covers

The White Convertible Table Covers are manufactured using 170 GSM, high-grade knit polyester fabric. The material offers an aesthetic finish without hampering the functionality of the adjustable and convertible nature of the table covers.

And despite the wide range of advantages that it offers, the polyester fabric is lightweight, which effectively transfers this quality onto our table covers. Thus, it is extremely convenient to store or carry the table covers while attending venues and event locations.

Stay Prepared Always With Custom Adjustable and Convertible Table Covers

Good quality convertible and adjustable table covers can go through multiple events without a hitch. The primary reason behind this rests in the fact that they are flexible enough to cover tables of varying sizes at different events and exhibitions. Our White Convertible Table Covers that measure 6 ft x 2.5 feet can cover tables that are 4 feet as well as those that are 6 feet. Use clasps and tuck in the excess material under the table to easily convert the adjustable table covers for a 4-feet application.

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