6' Cross Over Table Covers - Black & White

6' Cross Over Table Covers - Black & White

  • Available in dual tones of black and white.
  • Two-piece individual throws that are interchangeable.
  • Crossover table covers that can fit a 6-foot table.
  • Made from high-quality polyester fabric.

Transform the Rented Tables into a Piece of Modern Art with 6' Black & White Crossover Table Covers

If you have ever wanted to upgrade cheap-looking rented folding tables into chic and eye-pleasing counterparts, then the 6' Black & White Crossover Table Covers are the magic ingredients. These can elevate the look and appearance of the entire setup without calling for heavy investments in the makeover.

With a 70:30 stretchability, the crossover table covers offer an enviable drape on 6-feet long tables. The snug and taut fit grants a pleasing appearance to the table.

Both colors, that is black or white, serve as an excellent background for your products or logos as they can offer higher optical clarity through contrast.

The slanting crossover may offer color versatility, but it also contributes to the modern, geometric designs that can impart a fresh look to your brand.

Custom Black & White Table Covers That are Suitable for All Occasions

The combination of black and white has been a classic for almost every occasion. From black-tie events to traditional weddings to trade shows, you will see this combination popping up everywhere. As a result, our Black & White Crossover Table Covers can blend into every celebration without a hitch. Not only that, but it will add value to it by complementing the theme and the decor accordingly.

Speaking of themes, the table covers also extend the facility of modifying the weightage of black and white according to your preferences. For instance, if you want to focus largely on the black shades, you can place the black slanting throw on the top - and vice versa for white.

Table Covers That Require Little to No Maintenance

Since the table covers are made from high-quality polyester fabric, they require very little maintenance as is. Polyester is resistant to stains and offers a wrinkle-free appearance while stretching across tabletops. On the off-chance, when you happen to stain or soil the product, you can always hand or machine wash them to revert it to its former glory. Given that our table covers require little to no maintenance, they can be suitable for high-volume use even in succession.

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