6' Cross Over Table Covers - Blue & Red

6' Cross Over Table Covers - Blue & Red

  • Combines the warm shades of red with cooling blue.
  • A set of individual throw covers that allow color personalization.
  • Fitted table covers that offer a sleek and professional finish.
  • Crossover table covers that fit on 6-foot tables.

Stand Out With 6' Blue & Red Crossover Table Covers for the Ultimate Professional Look

Are you looking for a way to cover some unsightly folding tables at a major personal or commercial event? Then the 6' Blue & Red Crossover Table Covers can easily do the trick. They transform your regular-looking tables into professional furnishing and decor that puts you in good light.

The table covers are manufactured from high-grade polyester that is super stretchable in a 70:30 ratio. As a result, they offer a snug and flattering drape around the tables to make them look highly professional.

The material is also washable by hand or through a machine and does not wrinkle. So you can reuse them for events after an event is over without putting in excessive effort into their maintenance.

All table covers undergo full color, dye-sublimation printing, which adds to the product's visual appeal. Hence, your brand can be seen even from the farthest corners.

Grab Attention With Custom Blue & Red Crossover Table Covers

The 6' Blue & Red Crossover Table Covers make use of contrasting colors of blue and red that can get you in the spotlight. The mix of the cold and warm shades results in a dramatic outcome that is bound to capture the attention of all the viewers. 

Apart from this, the table covers allow you to customize their appearance by changing the dominant color through positioning. If the surroundings call for a greater focus on red, you can place the red throw atop the blue one to harmonize with the decor. Similarly, if the event is more suitable for blue, change the order, and you are all set.

Table Covers That Combine Versatility With Portability

It is pretty clear by now that 6' Blue & Red Crossover Table Covers are highly versatile as they can change their appearance depending on the occasion. But did you also know that these table covers are manufactured from high-quality polyester fabric that is absolutely lightweight and easy to carry?

Hence, you can easily fold the table covers after you are done and carry them around to your next event. This mobility comes very handy when you are already tasked with handling and carrying many items to the venue.

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