6' Cross Over Table Covers - Blue & White

6' Cross Over Table Covers - Blue & White

  • Blue and white table cover that fits on a 6-foot table.
  • Offers you two looks through a single product.
  • Made from high-grade polyester material with 70:30 stretchability.
  • High optical clarity and visibility through dye-sublimation printing.

6' Blue & White Crossover Table Covers To Put Your Brand in the Spotlight

Do you want a touch of elegance and professionalism while setting up your booth at business events or trade shows? Then our 6' Blue & White Crossover Table Covers will do the trick. These high-quality table covers help you make an impressive first impression that lasts.

The product undergoes dye-sublimation printing, which imparts high definition and high optical clarity to it. As a result, you can leave an impact far and wide regardless of where you stand.

The table covers are manufactured from high-quality polyester fabric, which lends a sleek, wrinkle-free finish that adds value to your professional setup.

The material also is lightweight, making it highly portable and easy to transport from one location to another.

Blue & White Table Covers That Offer Long-Term Value and Results

The 6' Blue & White Crossover Table Covers promise a high degree of versatility as you can change their appearance by interchanging the individual pieces. However, the secret to its long-term value is present in the high-grade polyester material that possesses a wealth of desirable characteristics. For example, it offers high stretchability that allows the table covers to fit the tables snugly.

Similarly, polyester is resistant to staining, and even if it does soil, it is washable either by hand or in machines. As a colorfast material, polyester will retain its original colors even after multiple wash cycles.

Customize Your Table Covers Depending on the Decor

One of the best things about the 6' Blue & White Crossover Table Covers rests in the fact that it is made from two individual table cover throws. As a result, you can change the order of the layers to make one color more prominent than the other.

Do you want blue to dominate the color scheme of the table? Then simply place it on top and reduce white to the slant slice. Want white in the spotlight? Reverse the arrangement. This quality allows you to customize your table to design it in line with the overall theme and decor of the event.

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