6' Cross Over Table Covers - Red & Black

6' Cross Over Table Covers - Red & Black

  • Fitted and stretchable cross-over table covers.
  • High-contrast table covers with dual throws.
  • Made from high-stretch, flame retardant polyester fabric.
  • Table covers that fit 6-foot tables.

Gorgeous 6' Red & Black Crossover Table Covers to Transform Any Event

Want your table to capture attention at the next big business event or trade show? Then our 6' Red & Black Crossover Table Covers are all you need. These table covers add a shock of captivating colors to hold interest wherever you may set them up.

The product undergoes dye-sublimation printing in 1440 DPI, which makes it highly detailed and visible even from a distance. The high-definition digital print makes your table covers stand out even more.

Furthermore, the use of highly contrasting colors, that are red and black, accentuate and complement each other so that they stand out without losing elegance.

Finally, the overall look comes together thanks to the high-stretch fabric that offers a fitted look to the table cover as it hugs the table for a sleek and professional appearance. 

Versatile Red & Black Table Cover That Allows Room for Customization

The 6' Red & Black Crossover Table Covers comprises two individual table cover throws that overlap with each other. Since these are separate pieces, you can make either red or black the prominent color by layering it on the top and matching the overall theme and decor of the venue. 

Additionally, if you have crossover table covers in other colors, you can choose to mix and match the colors depending on the design, size, and slant of the individual throws. As a result, these table covers offer immense customization capabilities to suit your changing needs.

Explore a Vast Library of Table Covers From BannerBuzz

BannerBuzz is your one-stop destination for all things table covers. We offer products that can change with your changing requirements while also checking all your requirements. The 6' Red & Black Crossover Table Covers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Unlock different designs, such as fitted or pleated ones, or try out a variety of standard colors like red, blue, black, and white. We also have convertible covers that can work with 4’ tables and 6’ tables. So, go ahead and explore further to find what you need to elevate your brand.

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