6' Fitted Table Covers - Black

6' Fitted Table Covers - Black

  • Black fitted table covers with a neat and clean appearance.
  • Intended to cover 6-foot long rectangular tables.
  • Made from 100% woven polyester fabric.
  • The table covers feature an open-back design.

Dress Up Your Table in Elegance with 6' Black Fitted Table Covers

Whether you are looking up set up the tables for an intimate wedding or getting ready for the biggest gala in your industry, the 6' Black Fitted Table Covers are perfect to pull off the perfect look. Our table covers can transform the appearance to accommodate ingenuity and creativity, while also keeping to the overall theme.

The product is tailored for the perfect fit onto 6-foot rectangular tables. The stretchability of the polyester material allows the fitted table cover to hug the table like second skin.

Its seams are hemmed in the overlock stitch, which adds to the visual appeal of the overall look, while also proving to be highly functional as it prevents the table cover from ripping at the edges.

The open-back design of the table cover leaves room for the employees to sit comfortably by pulling up the chairs right beneath the table. At the same time, it leaves enough room to store items underneath without making it apparent to the visitors. 

High-Quality Fitted Table Covers Made From High-Quality Material

Our table covers are manufactured using 100% woven polyester fabric. The 300 thread count material adds to the premium look and feel of the table cover. Our fixation with using the highest quality of material affects the drape and the fitting of the table cover, which is crucial considering that you are dealing with “fittedtable covers here.

In addition to enhancing the professional look of the tables, the high-quality table covers also impart durability as polyester is one of the most resilient materials for rough and tough use. It is washable and colorfast, which allows you to reuse time and again.

Table Covers That Offer a Wealth of Customization Options

If black does not suit your taste, we have fitted table covers available in other colors, like red, blue, and white, to go with your theme. And while this product is suited for 6-feet long tables, you can customize the size, and even the shape, as per your preferences. You may even connect with our design experts to know how we can imprint your branding or logo onto the table cover if you wish to customize the table covers. With this range of customization available, BannerBuzz is your one-stop destination for all things table covers.

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