6' Rectangle Table Toppers - Red

6' Rectangle Table Toppers - Red

  • High-quality rectangle table topper perfect for dining table, tea table, and more.
  • Made with highly stretchable red fabric for strength & durability.
  • Regular machine wash at regular temperature using mild detergent.
  • Special pricing on bulk discount available.
  • Graphics printed in full color using dye-sublimation printing for visual impact.

High-quality 6’ Red Rectangle Table Topper

Want to keep your dining table, tea table, etc protected and safe from unwanted damage? 6’ red rectangle table topper from Best of Signs is your answer to that question. It’s a high-quality rectangle table topper that fits perfectly.

The custom 6’ red table topper is made of highly stretchable red fabric that provides maximum strength and durability to your table.

With a standard size dimension of 6 ft. x 2.5 ft., these table toppers ensure maximum protection to your valuable furniture and fit perfectly without any hassles.

You can easily wash your 6’ red rectangle table topper at regular temperature using mild detergent, for the best result. There’s no need to fret about any color fade or deterioration.

Rectangle Table Toppers Available at Special Pricing

Order your rectangle table toppers in bulk and get great discounts on the price. The more you order, the better the pricing.

These toppers are made of highly stretchable fabric with a 70/30% flexibility ratio, that provides a long life to your outside tables.

Red Table Toppers with Dye-Sublimation Printing

Red toppers for your table are available with 1440 DPI graphics printed in full color. It is made using dye-sublimation printing for enhanced visual impact. Such a versatile graphic option makes the red table toppers the perfect choice for your furniture.

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