6' Rectangle Table Toppers - White

6' Rectangle Table Toppers - White

  • Standard size of 6 X 2.5ft is available.
  • Stretch fabric with a stretchability of 70/30%.
  • The cover’s durable fabric is of 180GSM weight.
  • Bulk order discounts are available.

Our Rectangle Table Toppers Come in Standard Size of 6 X 2.5ft

Your PowerPoint presentation may have everything going for it. But, to make a mark, it also needs to be complemented with a well-presented table. This is where our 6’ rectangle white table toppers come in. They are perfect to add a spruced-up look to your table for any occasion, both formal as well as informal.

Our covers are of a standard 6 X 2.5ft size and graphic weight of 180GSM. They offer stretchability of about 70/30%.

The stretchable fabric helps give the covers an excellent fit on your table. It keeps the covers firmly in place without dropping, slipping, or coming off the edges.

To catch your visitors’ or customers’ attention, you can complete your purchase of our 6’ rectangle table-toppers together with some other displays as well.

Our Bespoke Toppers Come with Detailed Washing Instructions

Our low-maintenance 6' white rectangle table-toppers require minimum care. They are easy to clean both by hand as well as in the washing machine at normal temperature using mild detergent. These detailed instructions go a long way in helping our durable covers last longer.

Drying them flat for best results is also suggested. Drip or line dry, or tumble dry at the gentlest setting can also be done. To remove wrinkles you can iron your table topper at high temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate.

Maximize Benefits with Bulk Orders for Rectangle Table Toppers

You can place your order for our 6’ white rectangle table toppers in bulk to enjoy bulk quantity discounts.

For any help or query, you can reach out to our customer support crew 24x7. Free super saver shipping is available on all orders above $99.