6x6 Canopy

6x6 Canopy


Effectively Advertise Your Brand With 6 x 6 Canopy Tents

  • Compact and portable tents are reusable and easy to transport.
  • There are many options to customize your booth with walls and branding.
  • The tents are deal for event grand openings and trade shows.
  • Special discount offers are available on bulk purchases.

Trade Show 6X6 Canopy Tents Are Attractive and Easily Visible

The goal of effective advertising is visibility and good returns on investments, a goal that's hard to manage. Our 6x6 canopy tents make you stand out at any event. They're compact and robust while offering clear visibility in any exhibition. Whether the aim is advertising or sheltering guests, our 6x6 pop up canopy tents are a must-have for memorable events.

Our 6x6 canopy tents come with retractable canopy frames and telescopic leg stands for quick setup and dismantling. Their small sizes canopy tents are ideal as backyard shelter solutions. In case of a hasty relocation, the tents only need a single person to pack and transport them, which saves time. Use the back and side sections as needed. 

The full-color printing makes our advertising canopy tents attractive. Clear fonts, branding logos, and images do not fade away with time. The high-quality printing ink is eco-friendly and not hazardous to the environment.

Outdoor promotional 6x6 canopy tents are robust with hardy weather-resistant properties. The canopy tent fabric has an additional top layer for protection from harsh environmental elements. Steel frames and Velcro fasteners ensure stability from hard knocks or strong winds. To enhance the longevity of your canopy tent, wipe it down with a soft sponge, water, and mild soap.

Advertising 6x6 Canopy Tents With Unique Appeal

Our canopy tents offer customization to let you connect well with your target market. With unique artistic messages, your brand is easily distinguishable. Choose the optional wheeled travel bag to transport the canopy tent from one event to another. 

You have the option of adding graphics and text to the trade show canopy tents. Specify where you want the print to appear, and either upload your own artwork or use one of our in-house designs to get the artistic effect you want. 

Purchase 6x6 Canopy Tents With Bulk Discounts

To support upcoming and established businesses, our branded canopy tents offer special discounts for bulk orders. With the purchase of two or more similar Pop up tents, you get a discount that reduces the price of each one.

Buy 6x6 canopy tents for your special events online at Best of Signs. Enjoy Free Super Saver Shipping on all orders over $99.