8' Cross Over Table Covers - Red & White

8' Cross Over Table Covers - Red & White

  • Made with two-way durable stretch fabric.
  • Designed to be interchangeable to create 2 different looks.
  • Dye-sublimation printing of red and white color on opposite sides.
  • Perfect to fit tables with size of 8 ft. long & 2.5 ft. wide.

Durable 8' Red and White Cross Over Table Covers with Interchangeable Look

Change the look of your tables instantly without having to buy additional products. Our covers are versatile and come with two design possibilities. You can simply flip our cross over table covers to suit the color scheme of the occasion or event. It hides the legs of your table and gives a modern finish with interchangeable contrasting colors on each side. It will catch people's attention resulting in an increased ROI.

We offer high-quality two way stretch fabric covers for long lasting protection of your tables at events. Our covers are made with 180 GSM polyester stretch fabric, that retains its shape and does not wrinkle easily. It is engineered to withstand heat, chemicals, extreme weather, and abrasions.

We use a 1440 DPI dye sublimation process on both sides of our cover. Our covers have solidr red color on one side and solid white color on the other side. The use of this technique ensures vivid and clear reproduction of color. Our cover’s colors do not bleed or fade.

All these features together account for our covers' high durability in varying conditions. Our covers come in standard size to fit rectangular 8 ft. long & 2.5 ft. wide tables. Cross over the look of your event tables anytime with our durable and standard fit covers.

Graphic Care Instructions for Your Red and White Table Covers

Our red and black table covers are easy to maintain, clean, and use. Keep your covers in pristine condition with our simple to follow care instructions. It is recommended that these covers should be hand washed or machine washed at regular temperature using a mild detergent. After which, it is best to lay your table cover flat for drying.

If you come across wrinkles post the wash cycle you have nothing to fear. Wrinkles can be easily removed. You can iron your table cover at high temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate when completely dry.

Get a Special Discount on Bulk Orders of Table Covers

You can avail special discounts on your purchase of table covers in quantities ranging from 2-100. Suit your requirement for events and place an order with us. We offer different discounts depending on the quantity you order. Get ready to feel special with a bang for your buck!