8' Fitted Table Covers - Red - Zipper Back

8' Fitted Table Covers - Red - Zipper Back

  • Red fitted table covers made from durable polyester fabric.
  • Stitched to fit your 8 ft. long & 2.5 ft. wide table.
  • Comes with easy washing and wrinkle-removing techniques.
  • Available at special discounted prices on bulk orders.

8' Fitted Table Covers Made with Premium Quality Fabric

To match your event booth or brand theme, we offer red fitted table covers that are made up of high-grade polyester material. Designed to protect from external damage as well, the red table covers will perfectly drape around your 8 ft. long & 2.5 ft. wide table.

Crafted for your convenience, the cover has a shorter edge on the backside to provide access to all your stuff from underneath. Made from a 170 GSM graphic weight fabric, the table covers have a long-lasting visual texture.

Stitched with precision to enhance your brand visibility, our table covers would make a great impression on your potential customers. Built to look perfect all the time, custom fitted table covers are a treat for the eyes.

A blend of durability and strength, our red table covers come with free super saver shipping on orders above $99.

Fitted Table Covers with Smart Graphic Care Instructions

Designed to enhance your display table, red fitted table covers are sure to retain their appearance for years to come. Easy to clean, the covers can be easily machine washed with mild detergent at a normal temperature. If a rubber or velcro is attached to the cover, opt for a hand wash while keeping the attachments away from water.

To obtain the best drying results, covers should be subjected to drip/line dry or tumble dry at the gentlest setting. To get rid of wrinkles, table covers should be ironed with plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate. Depending upon whether the cover is dry or moist, iron at a high or moderate temperature, respectively.

Special Discount on Red Table Covers with Zipper

Engineered to withstand external harmful elements, our red table covers are available at budget-friendly rates. Best of Signs offers custom fitted table covers at special prices on bulk orders. The more the quantity of covers in an order, the lower they would cost you overall. Buy now!