8' Fitted Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

8' Fitted Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

  • Perfect to fit tables with sizes of 8 ft. long & 2.5 ft. wide.
  • Made with 170 GSM white polyester fabric for added durability.
  • Easily washable with mild detergent at normal temperature.
  • Available with discounts on bulk purchases.
  • 4-sided white fitted table covers to drape your tables from all sides.

8’ White Fitted 4 Sided Table Covers for Durable Polyester Fabric

Our 8’ blue fitted 4 sided table covers are made with 170 GSm polyester fabric that keeps your tables safe from harsh weather. The 4-sided covers drape your table from all sides to ensure maximum protection.

Get these covers to extend the life of your furniture. You can easily clean these covers using a mild detergent at a normal temperature.

These covers fit perfectly on your tables that are 8 ft. wide and 2.5 ft. long. They keep your furniture safe all year long.

Our covers provide the best possible protection against unpredictable weather and are built to last a long time. You can get these covers at awesome discounts if you purchase them in bulk.

Fitted Table Covers Come with Handy Graphic Care Instructions

Our fitted table covers can be easily cleaned by hand or machine with a mild detergent at normal room temperature. These covers can also be dried without the need for any special equipment. It is best to dry them flat to get the best results, but you can also tumble dry them without any fuss if you want to save time.

If the fabric is completely dry, iron it at a high temperature with a piece of plain paper put between the fabric and the iron plate.

Buy Custom Fitted Table Covers at Bulk Discounts

Are you considering purchasing a large quantity of our custom fitted table covers? You're in luck because we offer substantial discounts on large bulk orders. Place an order for quantities ranging from 2 to 100 to save your money.