Acrylic Packaging Tapes - Clear

Acrylic Packaging Tapes - Clear


Durable Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape for Industrial Use

  • The adhesive of the tape is made of acrylic while the backing is made of polypropylene cast film.
  • There are two size variants of the tape- 2” x 55 yards and 3” x 55 yards.
  • The industrial tape can withstand heat, humidity and cold temperature.
  • The tape is crystal clear in appearance and does not become yellow over time.
  • Quantity below refers to the case Qty wherein 2” x 55 Yds come in a pack of 72 rolls/case, while 3” x 55 Yds come in a pack of 48 rolls/case.

Heavy-duty Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape for Securing Packages

Tapes are required for multiple purposes such as bonding, sealing, insulating, and thermal management. Acrylic tapes feature impressive holding power that adheres to a variety of surfaces and is dependable for securing packages easily and quickly. You can depend on the tape to perform well even in elevated temperatures making them perfect for all kinds of weather conditions.

We make the adhesion of the tape from acrylic while the backing is crafted from polypropylene cast film. The clear color does not become yellow over time that can make the package look shabby and withered. Available in two size variants of 2” x 55 yards with 78 rolls per case and 3” x 55 yards with 48 rolls per case, the tape performs well in various weather conditions.

Often in an industrial set-up, variation in weather conditions can diminish the performance of employees or cause glitches while carrying operations. Our acrylic adhesive clear packaging tape is resistant to heat, humidity, and cold temperature making them suitable for industrial use. This helps to increase productivity and give deliverables on time.

Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape are Temperature Resistant

Temperature variation can cause application difficulty. Our acrylic tapes have an operating temperature range of +30°F to +200°F while the application range is +32°F to +150°F. This ability to withstand temperature variation makes the tape versatile for use in any weather condition. It also becomes a reliable packaging material that gives cartons a structural stability and an immaculate look without folds or cracks.

Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape Come with 1-Year Shelf Life

Our acrylic adhesive clear packaging tape is durable and has the ability to adhere to a variety of surfaces. It is a brilliant adhesive that secures packages firmly and ensures the content stays intact during transportation. Available with a shelf life of 1-year, this industrial tape is versatile. You can store the tape for yearlong and use the roll as and when required. Single use tape rolls can lose their adhesive properties quickly but our premium quality tapes will sustain their adhesion at least for a year!