ADA Employee Break Room Braille Sign

ADA Employee Break Room Braille Sign


Use ADA Employee Break Room Braille Sign to Mark the Break Room 

  • Designed using 1/32” raised text grade 2 braille.  
  • Non-glare acrylic signs are ADA-compliant. 
  • Resists vandals, scratches & chemicals. 
  • Available in 6” x 6” size. 

Shop Highly Durable & Attractive Employee Break Room ADA Braille Sign   

Displaying ADA Employee Break Room Braille Sign is an effective and professional way to display doors that leads to staff break rooms or employee lounge. This way the employees, guests, customers, and visitors will be able to avoid or enter the break room. 

The 6” x 6” sized Break Room Sign is conspicuous. The multiple colours are attractive and can be seen even from a distance. They are designed using a 1/16" thick and rigid non-glare acrylic material so that they endure for a long time and their resilient nature makes them perform in rough conditions. 

Braille Employee Break Room Sign is Available on Bulk Discount 

These braille signs with 1/32" raised text grade 2 are ADA compliant, making them suitable for the visually impaired or those with low vision. They comply with all ADA 28 CFR part 36 regulations. 

These resilient signs do not easily get affected by chemicals, scratches, or vandals, offering long-lasting performance. Additionally, you can buy these signs at a significant discount that ranges from 2 and above. Shop for ADA Employee Break Room Braille Sign now! 

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