Adjustable Green Screen Background

Adjustable Green Screen Background

  • Adjustable green screen backgrounds use a durable polyester fabric.
  • Aluminum frames hold up the screen securely for outstanding performance.
  • Choose between two sizes for your studio or setup.
  • Screens are ready to install out of the box to save time.
  • Move the screen to different locations for high portability.

Shoot Intriguing Footage With Green Screen Backgrounds

Durable and Adjustable Green Screen Backgrounds

Businesses looking to record their own footage for ads, YouTube, or other marketing endeavors need to change the background when filming people and foreground objects. Fortunately, you can set up our adjustable green screen backgrounds. Film material in front of a green screen, key out the green on your editing software, and add a new background while foreground objects stay visible.

Our green screen backdrops comprise quality polyester fabric. This is a highly resilient material that can last for several years when used indoors, so you can depend on using it for many videos to help you market your business.

The black aluminum frame holds chroma key backgrounds firmly in place. Using pole pockets that run from top to bottom or left to right, there are two large sections where the screen is secure, so it will stay up until you disassemble it.

We make two sizes of screen backgrounds to consider. Pick a square screen, or something slightly wider to accommodate your studio. You can also choose just the screen or frame by itself.

Green Screen Backgrounds Are Portable and Easy-to-Install

Upon receiving your green screen backgrounds, they come with simple instructions for fast assembly. With a screwdriver optional, you can fully build your screen in ten simple steps. This saves you time that would otherwise go towards creating your own office green screen.

Chroma key backgrounds are highly portable. Easily move them from room to room, or take them apart when you need to travel. This versatility lets you take the screen anywhere you need it for impressive videos.

Order Adjustable Green Screens in Bulk

Receive a bulk quantity discount when ordering multiple chroma key backgrounds. The price per stand decreases when you add more to your cart. This allows you to buy what you need and avoid breaking the bank.

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