Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield

Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield

  • An easy to install freestanding mobile barrier with adjustable telescopic poles.
  • Lightweight and portable black coated aluminum frame.
  • High-quality PVC clear vinyl panel delivers 90% vision clarity.
  • Choice of 5 predefined size dimensions are available.
  • This product is unavailable for personalization.

High-quality, Ready-to-install Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield

Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield With Telescopic Legs

Re-opening a business or workplace after COVID-19 demands workable safety essentials that can combat the virus. A sneeze shield is an ideal & practical choice of safety solution for all types of professional set-ups. Our adjustable screen sneeze shield can be placed anywhere on a flat surface to restrict the spread of respiratory droplets, reducing the risk of diseases spread through the air.

The adjustable sneeze guard, with its ergonomic design, can be set-up with ease in minutes. The stand includes two heavy-duty feet for added stability, adjustable poles, and fasteners. The black-coated aluminum stand provides long-term durability and operation. No additional tools are required for the frame set-up.

The telescopic legs feature simple height and width adjustments helping you to achieve a raised, lowered, or narrowed frame in a snap. It allows you to achieve a range of size options, offering a great deal of versatility. So, you can adjust the sneeze shield based on your changing needs at different locations, events, etc.

The adjustable sneeze shield is designed to suit different workplace or business needs with its lightweight and compact design. Being a compact and portable safety tool, you have the freedom to move around the sneeze shield without any restrictions.

Adjustable Sneeze Guard’s Clear PVC Screen Delivers 90% Vision Clarity

The clear screen of this sneeze shield is constructed out of a high-quality PVC vinyl material. With 90% of visibility from both sides of the panel, it allows clear face-to-face communication while at the same time keeping people on both sides of the panel at a safe distance.

The clear panel of this adjustable screen sneeze shield also features top and bottom pole pockets. These pole pockets are intended to help you fix the PVC panel to the stand. To install the transparent panel, slide it into the top and bottom pole using the pole pockets.

Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield with Five Predefined Size Variations

The adjustable sneeze shield is available in 5 predefined size variations. Assessing your space to identify an appropriate size of floor standing sneeze shield would successfully create safer partitions for your employees, customers, or visitors. Select the most suitable size dimensions to derive maximum benefit and increase the overall efficiency of this sneeze guard shield.

Material, Installation, Maintenance- It’s All Here & More:

Best Of Signs adjustable screen sneeze shields aim to make it easier for you to meet your workplace safety goals with these unparalleled features:

  • 0.5 mm thick PVC clear panel material with 90% vision clarity.
  • The clear panel has top and bottom pole pockets to fix it on the stand.
  • Aluminum anodized coated frame with telescopic poles for width and height adjustment.
  • In case of wrinkles, use a low-heat air dryer to remove the wrinkles.
  • Choice of 5 size dimensions (W X H) available
    • 5FT X 4FT
    • 5FT X 5FT
    • 5FT X 6FT
    • 5FT X 6.5FT
    • 6FT X 8FT
  • Everything you need to set-up this adjustable sneeze guard is included in the package. No additional tools are required for the set-up.