Adjustable X Banner Stands

Adjustable X Banner Stands


Market your business with ease and convenience; buy our adjustable X stands today

  • Height and width of the stand can be adjusted as per your requirement
  • The stand features a gear mechanism, which swings out the poles on both sides, forming an X shape
  • Free Carry bag for store and travel

Custom Banner Stands - Affordable Stands for Exhibitions and more

Our Adjustable X Banner Stands are known as X banner stands due to the X shape they assume as soon as they are set up. The unique shape is perfect to display signage in front of exhibits, at entrances or throughout an event.

Why Us?

Our stands are designed for ease of use and can be adjusted. Each has one or two hubs that can support four fiberglass arms which are designed to latch onto the corners of your banners. This feature allows our customers to ensure that their signs remain taut and do not sag throughout an event. In addition, the collapsible and lightweight design makes them easy to transport to or carry throughout the duration of your chosen event while the folding leg in the rear balances the sign like a tripod.

Our Products

Custom banner stands from Best of Signs are available in the following products -

  • Econo-X - Our X banner stands are our least pricy option when it comes to display stands and offer customers a budget friendly solution for their display apparatus.
  • X-Flex - Made from fiberglass and aluminum, the X-Flex banner stand comes with adjustable arms that can be maneuvered to accommodate different sized signs.
  • Hyper-X - This X stand features carbon fiber poles that come with elastic attachments that are connected to the steel center hub. Not only is this stand lightweight, it can hold signs that weigh from 4 to 6 lbs. The plastic hooks on the arms hook the grommets to the banner while the adjustable rear leg makes it easy to set up a display any way for the best effect.
  • Magic Banner Stand - Made from sturdy aluminum, this stand's gear mechanism swings high quality graphite poles for easy assembly. The soft leather feet give the stand a more finished look and add a professional touch to it. Put some tension on the height adjustable X banner stands to give your signs a flatter and hence cleaner look.