American Flag Inflatable Tube Man

American Flag Inflatable Tube Man


Use Inflatable Tube Man to Show Patriotism

  • The air men are made of tough polyamide nylon silk material.
  • 600D PVC nylon material is sturdy to support the air men.
  • The dye-sublimation technology churns out colorful prints.
  • The tube men are 10 feet tall for increased visibility.

Tough Polyamide Nylon-Silk Inflatable Tube Man

Many people who have achieved the American dream feel grateful for the opportunities they’ve been granted. However, they don’t know how to appreciate the country other than joining the force or becoming politicians. These two options might not be suitable for many of them. Our inflatable tube men are a fitting solution to all patriots. The wacky inflatable tube men have the American flag printed as a sign of pride.

The tough polyamide nylon silk material protects the tube men from wear and tearing caused by raging weather. You don’t have to spend more money replacing them every few months.

Constructing the bottom section of the inflatable air dancers with 600D PVC nylon means that the airmen keep in place despite strong winds. A strong bottom section acts as a pillar to airmen.

The dye-sublimation printing ensures that the tube men don’t fade with time. This keeps them looking new and vibrant for several years.

Tall Inflatable Tube Man

The airmen can extend up to 10 feet when inflated. This makes them easily visible from a distance to attract passersby and neighbors.

You can use a blower for faster installation, saving time and effort. Each size demands a specific blower for inflatables.

Buy Many Inflatable Tube Men at a Discount

All bulk orders of inflatable tube men come with a discount. This is our way of appreciating doing business with you, reducing the cost per item substantially.

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