ANSI Notice Radio Frequency Fields Decal (Non Reflective)

ANSI Notice Radio Frequency Fields Decal (Non Reflective)


Prevent Health Hazard with RF Warning Signs

  • The signs are self-adhesive and they bond with numerous surfaces.
  • These signs have full color for vibrancy.
  • Select the lamination option to extend the signs' life.
  • Signs are temperature-resistant and usable across all weather.

Self-Adhesive RF Warning Signs

Inform people to stay away from areas where the radiofrequency level exceeds the general exposure limit to ensure their safety. Use these ANSI notice signs to alert individuals and encourage them to comply.

These self-adhesive RF warning signs may bind to a variety of surfaces, including sand cast, moderately rough surfaces, and low surface energy materials.

Full-Color ANSI Notice Signs Have Lamination Option

The full-color design on these RF caution signs adds vibrancy and draws passersby's attention.

To extend the life of the health safety signs for up to 5 years, choose the laminating option.

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