ANSI Warning Non Potable Water Aluminum Sign (Reflective)

ANSI Warning Non Potable Water Aluminum Sign (Reflective)


Use Not Drinkable Water Signs To Tag Unclean Water Containers To Prevent Hazard

  • Durable aluminum signs.
  • Full-color signs attract passersby' attention.
  • The signs resist wide change in temperature.
  • Laminated signs have extended life-span.

Not Drinkable Water Signs are Eaisily Installable.

Clarifying that water tanks contain non-potable water is crucial. Use these health hazard signs to alert people that the water is pre-treated and unsafe to drink.

These not drinkable water signs are pre-printed for quick and easy installation.

Full-Color Health Hazard Signs Have Lamination.

The danger water signs with full-color prints are vibrant, attracting the attention of the audience for more effective communication.

Lamination of health and safety signs extends their life to 2 years.

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