Argentina Flag


Our Argentina Flags Come in a 5 X 3 ft Size

You need a number of Argentinian flags, not just to decorate your sports shop and bar, but also to support your favorite team in the next football season. Waving the Argentina flag and cheering for its players will best reflect your love and passion for the game.

Created with graphic flag fabric material, our Argentina flags come in a 5 X 3 ft size. They are light with their weight being 90 GSM. These user-friendly dimensions make your handling of the flag both easy and enjoyable.

Our flags come with single-sided printing. The image that you see on the backside is a mirrored image. It has a visibility of about 50-60%. However, the finished side may have a +/-1” variation.

To make your handling of the flag convenient, an additional 3” white fabric has been added on the selected side. This serves as the pole pocket. The metal grommets that have also been placed on the left side of the flag allow for easy flag pole attachment. This takes away all your worries about the flag not slipping off.

Our Argentina Flags can be Both Hand & Machine Washed

The fabrics, be it polyester, nylon or other synthetic materials that have been used for our Argentina flags are normally safe to use in a washing machine. What you need to do is set the machine on the gentle cycle with warm water. A mild liquid laundry detergent is all you need to add to the warm water to get a clean, washed flag.

It is easy to hand wash your Argentina flag too. You can do this with a mild liquid detergent that is made for delicate items. In fact, hand washing is always a good option as frequent use of the washing machine for cleaning the flag may harm the knitting of the fabric.

Get a Discount on Bulk Orders for Our Argentina Flags

You can order for any number of our Argentina Flags and enjoy bulk quantity discounts. The larger the order, the larger the discount that you can grab.