Authorized Personnel Only Floor Mats

Authorized Personnel Only Floor Mats

  • Available in sizes of 3 X 2 ft & 4 X 3ft.
  • Made of coral fleece pile material.
  • Back material made of non-woven fabrics with grippers.
  • Printed using the dye-sublimation technique.
  • Special pricing on bulk orders is available.

Our Floor Mats are Made of Coral Fleece Pile Material

There are certain areas in your office that are out of bounds even for its staff. Those areas allow entry only for just a few authorized persons. To put this message across in a subtle yet smart way, we offer our high-quality authorized personnel-only floor mats.

Our durable floor mats are made of coral fleece pile material. This new type of fabric that boasts a fine texture is fade resistant. Its fabric is soft yet tough for long-term use.

Boasting a material thickness of 10mm, our personalized floor mats have a size tolerance or the allowable limit of variation of +/-3%. Its weight tolerance is +/-5%.

Adding to our floor mats’ toughness is the non-woven fabric with grippers that are used as back material. This gives good, strong support to our authorized personnel only floor mats.

Our Floor Mats Come in 3 X 2 ft and 4 X 3 ft sizes

The personalized floor mats come in two sizes. The mat measuring 3X2 ft weighs 0.4 kgs while the one measuring 4 X 3 ft weighs 0.7 kgs. These two options make them easy to use in front of most doorways inside the office.

Our table toppers are created using the 1440 DPI dye sublimation process. Also referred to as digital sublimation, it works well for decorating apparel, signs, and banners. The use of this technique ensures high visual vibrancy and luster. The floor mats come in full-color prints that do not bleed or fade easily.

Get a Discount on Bulk Orders of Personalized Floor Mats

You can order for any number of our authorized personnel only floor mats as you require and enjoy bulk quantity discounts. The more you buy, the more discounts you get.