Backlit Film

Backlit Film


Backlit film give emphasis to the power of light and are perfect for catching the eye of your prospective customers.

  • It's a high quality translucent graphic film
  • Set up is easy and takes just minutes
  • Backlit film is the medium of choice for light boxes or any application that you would like to light from behind.

When it comes to backlit film printing, no one does them quite as good as BestofSigns! Considered one of the best ways to illuminate an advertisement, these full color backlit prints captivate potential customers with the bright graphics and attractive designs that ingrain the brand's message in their minds with ease.

'Enlighten' Potential Customers with Illuminating Outdoor Backlit Film

If you have a design and concept in mind, but do not have the resources or expertise to get them printed to your specifications, BestofSigns is at your service. How? Backlit prints are designed to capture and project light that illuminates it. The material is placed on a window or light box and LED light is projected onto.

In order to ensure the best exposure, the source of the light is kept at least six inches away. This allows the light to diffuse in an even manner and cover the entire print to project it in all its glory. In other words, the print light creates a realistic glow on the design, not only making it come to life, but adding more depth to the graphics in order to make it more visible.

Why Backlit Film Banners?

If you have a unique message that you want your brand to convey, have specific needs in mind or want your advertisement to light up the night, then backlit film banners will prove ideal for your needs. The material is semi translucent, which is perfect to catch and disperse light when it is lit from behind. This adds more oomph to the graphics that are displayed on the sign and makes it suitable for backlit light boxes and windows.

At BestofSigns, each custom backlit film banner is created keeping YOUR needs in mind. Whether you want to make your designs pop, or want to go with a subtler approach with simple graphics, our backlit film banners will not disappoint.

No one knows your customers and their needs better than you do. We cherish and respect that connection by providing readymade templates that can speed up the process without compromising on quality. The best part is that each can be re-designed according to your exact specifications and tailored to your business.

This includes the name of your business, its logo, brand colors and even high res images of your services and products in any size or quality you need. In other words you can get as creative with your designs as you need; just create the one you like to your specifications with our easy to use banner creator and let your backlit banners light up your potential customers' hearts.

Besides airports and malls, you can increase your business exposure by installing backlit banners in large retail stores, theatres and even in business lobbies! Better yet, ask store managers if you can place your banners as part of their storefront displays to feature your new products they are selling for you.

We can deliver most of our products as early as the next day with our overnight shipping service. We also ship outside the US. Contact us for more info.