Bamboo Banner Stands

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Valued by Environmentally Conscious Customers ... It's Only Natural
Bamboo banner stands enhance any display. As one of the most durable natural resources, bamboo gives you the strength of aluminum, while also framing your banner with warmth and beauty. All while using one of the most renewable materials in the world. After all, bamboo is a grass - with some species growing as much as 35 feet in day! No worries about replenishing itself.

Bamboo X Banner Stands
Bamboo X banner stands are versatile, lightweight, and economical, making them a smart choice for larger banner displays. They're easy to set up. Just open up the frame and attach your banner. The tripod base with extendable legs adapts to any surface.In fact, each of the four poles in the X design is adjustable, enabling you to tightly secure any type of banner without stretching or sagging. Banners can be taken down easily and interchanged with other banners. The banner stand folds up easily and, at less than five pounds, is easy to transport in the accompanying carrying case. Customizable bamboo X banner stands come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your display needs.

Bamboo Roll-Up Banner Stands
For even more elegance in displaying large banners, consider a bamboo roll-up banner stand. You get the beauty and sturdiness of bamboo with the convenience of a retractable spring mechanism. Pulling out the banner is as easy as pulling down a shade, and it's ready to go in seconds. It's just as quick to snap your roll-up banner back into the handsome, sturdy base, which keeps the banner protected when not in use.

Our bamboo roll-up stand is extremely customizable. The stand comes in a variety of sizes and the banner can be pulled out to a variety of lengths. The bamboo roll-up banner stand is easily transportable in the carrying case that is included in your order.