Band Banners

Band Banners


Unique Band Banners to Advertise Your Band

  • The long-lasting PVC flex material eliminates unplanned replacement costs.
  • Full-color, 720 DPI eco-solvent printing produces stunning graphics to grab attention.
  • The two-sided printing design increases visibility.
  • Banners come in different colors, sizes, and artwork to meet unique needs.

Long-Lasting, Vibrant Band Banners

No matter how great a band is, half the battle when prepping before performances is trying to capture the public's attention so they know where and when your events are to be held. Instrumentalists should incorporate strategies to increase their brand exposure and display a sense of professionalism. Our band banners are an effective marketing strategy to advertise your band, music festival, or concert.

The banners are suitable for various occasions, both indoor or outdoors, as we use long-lasting PVC flex material. When the banners are handled with care, artists can perform several outdoor gigs without worrying about frequent replacement costs. 

The full-color, 720 DPI eco-solvent digital printing delivers rich, vibrant graphics, setting you apart from other bands and events. The signage is conspicuous, even in a large arena.

Our band banners are available in one- and two-sided designs to increase visibility. Use the one-sided version when performing in a small restaurant and the two-sided in a big theater for maximum exposure.

Easy-to-Hang Personalized Event Banners                      

Our event banners come in pre-designed templates, which include band-related images, background, and clip art. Such templates make it quick to add your band’s slogan or any helpful information about your music style. We also allow instrumentalists to get creative and customize personalized banners through the easy-to-use online design tool. You can add your preferred photos, logos, and the background color.

Choose different installation methods for the outdoor vinyl banners to save time. Whether you choose one with sturdy metal grommets or heat welded hems, the hanging process is seamless, saving time.

Buy Band Banners in Bulk for a Discount

Enjoy our special discount when you buy two or more banners. By doing so, you’ll minimize the number of purchases and save costs. Place your banners around town for maximum exposure.

Shop band banners to make the audience more familiar with your band or event online at Best of Signs.